About Us

Eldred Borough is one of 958 boroughs in Pennsylvania.  According to information gathered from "Eldred, PA., Centennial Historical Book 1880-1890", Jacob Stull and family settled in the vicinity of what is now Eldred Borough between 1778 and 1802.  

Eldred Borough was officially settled in 1815 and incorporated from Eldred Township December 22, 1880, you can view this information and more on Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's website.  

We are home of the Kendall Bridge, WWII Museum and birthplace of Milo Netzel, 3rd baseman for the Cleveland Naps circa 1909. Our population is approximately 858 and growing.

Through the years the borough has seen it's share of industries from lumber companies to a glass factory.  Eldred is still changing and prospering.  Our newest addition is a library and historical society.