Monthly Meetings....

Schedule is subject to change, please look for reschedule announcements in the Bradford Era and in the news below.


Borough meetings are held at the Borough office (3 Bennett St.) at 7 pm every third Tuesday of the month.  Public presence is always encouraged and welcome.


The remainder of 2019 Work sessions will be held 6:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Borough office and are also open to the public.  

Look for our newsletter on the back of your monthly sewer bill.

Water Authority meetings....

   Water Authority meetings are held in the Borough office at 3 Bennett Street at 7 pm on the third Wednesday of every month and are also open to the public.

thank you lions club!

f The Lions Club has been active in Eldred for over 30 years.  They have provided community favors like Christmas Decorations and hanging flowers for Main Street and free ice cream for the public during the Memorial Day parades.  Their goodwill extends to donations made to school events, eye glasses for those who cannot afford them, scholarships and families in need during the holidays or crisis.  

Currently one of their main focuses is the fight against diabetes and it's challenges.

Our area Lions Club is an active organization and is always looking for members.  Contact any club member,  Jeff Rhinehart President, Connie King Secretary, or Judy Kio Treasurer at


Borough office update

Eldred Borough,

There have been many changes and unfortunate incidents over the last few weeks.  Eldred Borough is very grateful for the dedication and service that Joe Warnick and Charles Lasher have given Eldred throughout their employment with the Borough. 

Council is aware that their resignations have led to a lot of questions, concerns and even anger.  The Borough Council would like to make sure that important information is available to the public. 

You can expect new sections to our website outlining recent activities, developments and upcoming projects.  Council realizes that there is increased interest in Borough happenings and making meetings is not always feasible for the all of the public wishing to stay informed.  Although communications with the public have grown three fold over recent years with the addition of a newsletter with the Mayor's report, a website and Facebook, yet there is still room for improvement.  Council would like to add live streaming of meetings to this list of public resources.

Our town is small but that does not exempt our local government from meeting Federal, State and other governmental agency regulations.

Council members have changed over the years but there has been a common movement with in Borough business, adapting to meet current government procedures, mandates and laws while implementing a consistent and standard procedural way of performing all duties.

Many of these goals have become a reality within the Borough government workings and have provided a safer Borough on many levels.  By meeting current regulations and creating standard procedures, duties have become clear and accountability is now accessible within the Borough.  There are still areas that need to conform to these standards that have been difficult to access in order to implement these updates. 

The major change that Eldred Borough is facing right now is an opportunity for a very important area of our Borough to accept missing updates and standardization. 

Below is a monthly report from the sewer plant operating company that is currently overseeing our plant. 


CWM took over the operation of the facility April 1st:

- Immediately we slowed the return rates at the plant to allow better treatment of the

sewage. This will also reduce the effect heavy rains have on the plant.


- The grinder in the main lift station has been pulled and is currently being evaluated.

Soon, we will provide a quote to either rebuild or replace this item.


- A load of sludge was removed from the chlorine contact tank. This contact tank is the

final tank at the plant. It should contain no sludge but was nearly full when we took over

operations. If the plant flow increase from rains it would push this sludge to the river.

The photo shows the sludge level one foot below the surface of the water. This tank is

approx.. 5’ deep. The tank is now clean.


- The lift stations need to be secured better. Currently there are lids that anyone could lift

and fall into. A common solution to this is a chain-link fence around them.


- The lift stations contain a lot of grease will need cleaned soon. We can produce a quote

to have this completed. I suggest investigating the local restaurants to see if they have a

grease trap or at least a program to reduce it entering the system.


- The sewage plant creates sludge at the bottom of the clarifiers. This sludge is returned

to aeration tanks, which creates the “activated sludge treatment process.” Once too

much sludge is accumulated, the operator can simply open the waste valve and close

the return valve to “waste” sludge. There is no way that anyone could have used these

valves in a long time. The south tank valve required wd-40 and a 4’ pipe wrench to open

and we still cannot open the north tank waste valve. We will continue to work this valve

to attempt to open. If not we will remove and take it apart.


- Currently there isn’t an air control valve for one of the skimmers at the plant. We will

investigate what it would take to install on.


- The influent has a composite sampler installed but it seems as if it hasn’t ran in a while.

Is the board aware of another sampler that would have been used for the effluent?



This new communication with Borough Council - no matter who that may be- is an opportunity to make sure that our sewer plant meets all regulation that may be required.  This opportunity also ensures that our river, one of our few resources as a town,  is not being compromised.

Please feel free, as always to call or email the Borough office with any questions that you may have.




MAY 6, 2019




















April 2019

Happy Spring Eldred!

It is the time of year for growth.  Please join us for our work session April 8th as DCED and County Planning will be helping the Borough to find it’s focus and plan for some new projects.

The final phase of sewer infiltration reduction for our sewer system is planned and awaiting funding approval.

Townwide Spring clean up is scheduled for May 6th.  Information on costs and details will be available on our website  A 2nd annual hometown hoedown is being planned for June through the library and historical society.  Summer fun fest should also be looked forward to this summer.

Bingo is the first Saturday of each month at the Firehall and a monthly dinner is on the third Wednesday of each month at the hall.  This month will be a $7 spaghetti dinner on the 17th.


March  2019

Eldred Borough now has a notary on staff.


Notary Fees

Taking acknowledgments……………………………………………………………….$5.00

Taking acknowledgments (each additional name)………………………….$2.00

Administering oath or affirmation (per individual)………………………….$5.00

Taking verification on oath or affirmation

    (no matter how many signatures)……………………………………………….$5.00

Witnessing or attesting a signature (per signature)…………………………$5.00

Certifying or attesting a copy or deposition (per certified copy) …….$5.00

Noting a protest of a negotiable instrument (per page)………………….$3.00


Administration Fees

Copies (per page)……………………………………………………………………………$0.25

Faxes (per fax)………………………………………………………………………………..$0.25


Typically, the notary is available during office hours. We advise you call ahead to make sure.  No title work available.


“I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in this Commonwealth. I am not allowed to draft legal records, give advice on legal matters, including immigration, or charge a fee for those activities.”—Shelley F. Batt          

February Newsletter

Dear Borough Resident,                                                                                                   


Are you behind on your sewer and garbage bill?


Did you know that the Borough offers a payment plan to all customers that are extremely behind?

Although Council cannot pick and choose which residents must pay their bills in full and which do not have to, all customers are eligible to take advantage of this program. Therefore, no further exceptions or negotiations to the billing process are available.


This is the billing process:

The monthly billing date is the 1st of each month.

Monthly bills are due by the 30th day from the billing date.

Late fees are assessed on the 31st day if a bill is not paid.

After 60 days of not being paid a late fee is assessed.

After 90 days of not being paid a late fee is assessed and a payment plan is available. If no payment plan is made the full amount goes to the courthouse for judgement.

This court process will add, at the very least, an additional $100.00 in court fees.

You can avoid these fees by paying your bill on time or choosing to take part in a payment program that is offered by the borough at the 90-day mark.  You must call the borough BEFORE the past due amount goes to the courthouse and sign an agreement in order to take part in the payment plan and avoid the court fees.


The Borough Council is NOT at liberty to make exceptions beyond the payment plan which is available to every account 90 days past due and before the amount owed goes to the magistrate’s office for judgement.


No further arrangements are able to be made AFTER the amount goes to court. 

If you need to make payment arrangements, please call the borough office at 225-4777.

   January 2019


Happy 2019 Eldred!

Often this time of year there are so many articles informing us of resolutions that would better ourselves if we could only stick to them.  This year why not challenge yourself to be part of something bigger?  Pay it Forward, Be the Change, Be Kind; these are all movements in our society to basically spread goodness.  Maybe this will be the year that you take part in something good, something bigger than you.

Here are a few ways you can do good in Eldred:  Help someone get their groceries (now that our store is closed), volunteer at the Library or Fire/ Ambulance Department, shovel someone’s sidewalk and drive (for free), take a neighbor a plate of food & introduce yourself to someone you haven’t before, offer a hand next time you see a neighbor working outside, or pick up trash floating through the neighborhood.

There are countless ways to make a small contribution to your community, if you need more ideas check out .


Millage is set at 7.5 mills, Sewer charges for 2019 will be $40.00 and garbage will remain at $17.00.


Bingo will be held January 5th at the Eldred Borough Volunteer Fire Hall.  Doors open at 4:30 pm.


Happy New Year,

Borough Council & Mayor Shannon Weikert

Eldred Borough 2019 Budget

2019 BUDGET.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 631.8 KB

December 2018


Happy Holidays Eldred,


The 2018 year is coming to an end.  It’s been full of ups and downs this year and Eldred is still a great place to be. 

Our last meeting of the year is expected to take place on December 18th at 7:00 pm in our office.  Please feel free to take part, it is a public meeting as always.

Santa has a few scheduled appearances, with cookies, cocoa, other activities and maybe even some carolers to compliment these spottings.  You won’t want to miss these festivities.  Duke Center will have Santa at their pavilion on Dec. 1st at 4:00 pm.  December 8th Unique Creations on Main Street Eldred will have Santa & kids crafts from 2- 6:00 pm, Mrs. Clause will be reading stories at the Library, The Methodist Church will be having a cookie walk and the girl scouts will be offering up some more entertainment.

The Eldred Area Free Library has Eldred themed ornaments for sale as a fundraiser.  They can be purchased a the library on Main Street in Eldred for $15 each or 2 for $25.

Bingo as usual on December 1st at the Eldred Borough Volunteer Fire Hall.  Doors open at 4:30 pm.



                       Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,


Borough Council & Mayor Shannon Weikert


November news


In case you are having a bit of trouble focusing on what to be thankful for, borrow something from our list:


Thank you to all who purchased HomeTown Hero Banners.  Main Street Eldred will soon be a grand display of gratitude to all of our Veterans. The site will really reflect the level of patriotism that lives in Eldred.


Thank you to our home town businesses for taking care of their properties and even sprucing some of them up- It really is the “face” of our town.


Thank you to all of the local businesses and residents for repeatedly supporting and promoting our small-town events and volunteers.


Thank you to all of the volunteers who show up in emergencies, funerals and events.  These acts of selflessness help to grow and strengthen our community.


Thank you to our public works department for all of the many hats they wear, especially during the least convenient hours and weather.  They work hard to make sure that the under workings of the Borough run smoothly or even at all.  Snow is coming and with that comes some of the longest, coldest work hours for the men who keep our roads clear and safe.


Thank you to the Borough VFD for holding Bingo on 1st Saturday of every month at the Borough Fire Hall.  It keeps something going on in the neighborhood.

Eldred has so much to be thankful for & We thank you,


Borough Council & Mayor Shannon Weikert



October 2018


Dear Borough Residents,

A scarecrow contest will be held again this year on Main Street.  Call the Borough office for details.

Trick or Treating will be from 6:00 pm- 7:30 pm.


There has been an overwhelming response to the HomeTown Hero Banner program. There is a deadline of November 1st, so if you are interested in purchasing a Veteran banner to be displayed on Main Street, please get an order form from our website, Patti Bell or at the Borough office.


Council is very interested in having qualified people on file that want to serve on Borough Council as openings can and do happen often.  Please stop down and fill out a letter of interest at the borough office.


Eldred Borough Volunteer Fire Department needs volunteers membership applications are available at the Borough Office or online at


Bingo is the 1st Saturday of every month at the Borough Fire Hall.

October 13th is the Annual Craft Show at the Fire Hall from 9 am- 3pm.


Thank you, 

Mayor Shannon Weikert


september news

September 2018



Dear Borough Residents,


Interested residents are needed to fill upcoming open council seats.  Borough Council members must be residents of the Borough for one year.  Filling a vacancy is done at a council meeting by existing members appointing a candidate to fill the empty seat until the next election.  A councilmember is a person who helps make decisions pertaining to the borough by-laws and how tax payers’ dollars will be spent.  A member of council represents fellow residents and their opinions. 

If you feel that you are qualified to fill an open position on Council, please stop by the Borough office to fill out an interest form.


The HomeTown Hero Banner program has a deadline of November 1st.  If you are interested in purchasing a Veteran banner to be displayed on Main Street, please get an order form from our website, Patti Bell or the Borough office.





To help, fill out a membership application, available at the Borough Office or online at and return it ASAP.

You can also like and share EBVFD on Facebook; search “itsyourvfd” on Facebook.


October 13th Craft Show at the Fire Hall from 9 am- 3pm....vendors needed!  Call Jodi Stone 225-3369.

Thank you,

Mayor Shannon Weikert

Eldred Borough council


Eldred Borough Council would like to invite fellow borough residents and all others interested to read our public meeting minutes on our website at  The Council established this website in 2015 to increase transparency and public involvement.
All regularly scheduled, special and work session meetings are public and advertised in the Bradford Era.  They are currently held at the borough office, 3 Bennett Street, in Eldred, on the Third Tuesday at 7:00 pm.
You can also keep informed by following us on Facebook at "Eldred Borough" and turning your sewer bill over to read our monthly newsletter.  The Newsletter was also implemented in 2015 by Council in an effort to keep busy residents not able to attend meetings up to date on borough business.
The Council wishes to inform residents of some of the recent internal changes that have occurred.  Although transparency and community communications have been a focus over the last three years, internal reporting procedures have needed many updates.
Council has been working with a forensic auditor, solicitor, and new staff to ensure that updates are put in place.
It is important to Council that all procedures, both internal and external are transparent, efficiently reported, and up to the current standards as set forth by PA Code. 
Thank you,
Eldred Borough


Eldred Borough
P.O. Box 270
3 Bennett Street
Eldred, Pa 16731
814-225-4777 P

New office hours

Eldred Borough office will be offering extended hours starting Monday July 23, 2018.  The new hours of operation will be Monday- Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

Patti Bell is offering a Hometown Hero Banner program.  Banners will be printed and hung on Main Street in Eldred Borough.  Picture shown is just an example, for complete details contact Patti Bell at 225-4427.  You may pick up an application at the Borough office Monday through Friday 8 am- 5 pm.  Each banner is $175.  Deadline for inclusion is November 1, 2018.

Eldred Borough Hydrants

The markings on the hydrants allow for the fire departments to know the gallons per second each hydrant is capable of.  

Eldred Borough Volunteer Fire Department needs ambulance volunteers


for more information follow the link below:

How to Keep Unwanted Cats Out of Your Property


Do not feed the cats

This action conditions them to stay as it is easier to obtain food. Secure garbage in proper disposal bins with lids shut tight.

Eliminate potential homes and make it hard to dig

 If they are unable to find a suitable place, they will move on.  Keep openings closed and sealed off in your buildings.

dusty cat


Use ammonia

Cats use gardens or soft dirt as litter boxes so apply a solution consisting of one part Ammonia and one part water. Place it in a shallow dish in these areas. You can also spray this in areas where cats frequent. 

Apply pepper or pepper spray around the area

This bothers cats by giving them spicy paws. Apply these wherever you see the cats- under your porch, at the back of you patio, or in your shed.

Use traps

You can contact the SPCA for information on obtaining traps and the steps to follow after trapping feral cats.

McKean County SPCA  1-814-362-8850 




atv and utv PRIVILEGES at risk

Eldred Borough does allow for the usage of REGISTERED UTV and ATVs in the Borough limits WITH REGULATIONS


All applicable laws must be followed.  Speed limits, road rules, safety rules such as helmet use, private property permissions and the like MUST BE ADHERED TO.  


This privilege is at risk of being rescinded.


Recent illegal and dis-respective activity may affect the allowance of these vehicles on Borough roads.

Illegal dumping at the "brush pile"

Did you know that the Borough of Eldred provides a dumping area for your grass clippings, small shrubs, branches under 6" and leaves?

The area is behind the sewer plant on Kendall Bridge Rd. (previously Sewer Plant Rd.)


Anyone caught dumping items other than what is listed above will face penalties.

This area is a lovely convenience that the Borough provides to our residents.  Ongoing abuse will cause the closure of this area to the public.



july newsletter

Dear Borough,


The Council wishes you all a safe and happy Independence Day.

Eldred Borough is always happy to support projects that show stewardship and patriotism.  To express your gratitude to a hometown veteran, you may purchase a banner to be displayed on Main Street through Patti Bell and the Borough office.  Stop by the Borough office to get more information.


This month we have a few reminders to help keep our Borough clean, sanitary and safe:


Feral animals are not pets; They spread diseases and parasites such as fleas and ticks to other pets or even children and can cause costly damage to property.


Do not feed the cats.  Do not leave pet food out in open areas that cats can reach. Secure garbage in proper disposal bins with lids shut tight to ensure the cats cannot go through what they can find.


Eliminate potential homes.  Put a fence on your deck or porch, and keep openings closed and sealed off.

You can find more information on our website to help deter and eliminate feral animals from your property.


Please remember that the usage of Borough streets for access to ATV trails by ATVs and UTVs is a privilege that the Borough must reconsider if the ordinance is continuously violated.


Lastly, a brush pile is provided to residents behind the sewer plant.  Do not sweep clippings into the street.  The brush pile is for landscaping waste only and dumping anything not listed on the sign at the drop off point will be grounds for penalties.


Old Home Days will be July 27th-29th.  Join the Borough Fire Department for Bingo at Old Home Days on the 28th.

The Borough office will be closed on the 4th of July and re-open on the 5th.



May newsletter


Dear Borough,


Spring has finally sprung in Eldred and the town is buzzing with signs of the season.  The Borough has kicked off spring with the installation of a few new sewer lines on Platt and Edson Streets, thanks to a Community Development Block Grant from DCED with the help of McKean County Redevelopment and Housing.


The Ordinance Enforcement Officer will be out enforcing the Property Maintenance Ordinance.  Besides having grass & weeds over 8”, common violations include: feral animal harborage, accumulation of hazards such as rubbish and junk, junk vehicle storage and buildings or structures with holes or non-weatherized coatings (siding or exterior paint).


Borough wide Spring Clean Up will be MAY 21, 2018.  The $30.00 fee (tires additional) must be paid by May 18th to the Borough office – Please include your name & the address for pick up. 


The VFW will present a parade on Memorial Day Starting at 11 am with a speaker to follow at the elementary school.


Eldred Borough Fire Hall will hold Bingo on May 5, doors open at 4:30. The Borough Office will be closed in observance of Memorial Day on May 28th.


June 16th will be Eldred Garage Sale Day.  A map is in progress.  To be included, contact the Borough Office.


Visit the Eldred Area Free Library to git yer pre-sale tickets fer their “Hometown Downtown Hoe-down” on June 23 at 5pm in the Eldred Supermarket parking lot.  (watch for signs around town filling you in on this boot scootin’ good time)   



Revitalize Eldred is looking for artists, vendors and crafters of handmade goods to take part in June 16th’s Summer Fun Fest.  Contact Lisa at 331-3301 for information.                                                                         



Spring Clean Up



MAY 21, 2018






(prepayment of fee is required for pickup)

















McKean County Collection Event

        Sat, April 28, 2018 9AM-1 PM

McKean County Fairgrounds, 7172 Route 46, Smethport, PA 16749


                           Pre-Registration is Required


                Register online at,                     visit our Facebook page, or call                       McKean County Conservation

               District:  814-887-4017


Acceptable Electronics:

    Computers, televisions, printers, microwaves, stereos, copiers, fax machines, cell phones, dvd players, gaming systems, etc.....

Acceptable Household Hazardous Waste

     Household cleaning products, oil / latex based paint, wood / metal cleaners and polish, stains / finishes, batteries, light bulbs, fuel additives, pool chemicals, antifreeze, aerosols, herbicides, pesticides, motor oil (must be in a closed container) bug sprays, etc. .....

                   Costs per Item                      

Household Hazardous Waste: $1.60/lb.

All tube / CRT TV's & Monitors: $0.55/lb.                                                       

Universal Waste: $1.60/Ib.

All non-CRT Devices: $0.35/lb.                             

 Mercury Containing Devices: $6.35/lb.

Small Freon containing devices: $0.63/lb

A full gallon of paint weighs approximately 12 pounds


The Collection Is Brought To You By:


 McKean County Conservation PA CleanWays of

McKean County, & McKean County Fairgrounds 



       CONSERVATION                      DISTRICT


Police Officer,

The Otto-Eldred Regional Police Department is accepting applications for Part-Time Police Officers. Retired law enforcement officers are also encouraged to apply. Applicants must pass a background check and qualify with a department approved firearm. Any and all current certifications will be taken into consideration for hire.
Requirements include:

• United States citizenship
• Valid Pennsylvania driver's license
• Minimum 21 years of age
• High school diploma or equivalent
• CPR and First Aid certification
• Act 120 certification including MPOETC certification

Starting Wage: $11.00

Hours: Days Lights. Applicants must be available to work 10-20 hours bi weekly.

Applications can be picked up at or contact Police Department:

Eldred Borough Municipal Office
3 Bennett Street
Eldred, PA 16731
814-225-4777 Office Number
814-558-4415 Police Department


march 2018 newsletter


Dear Borough,


     March 21st is officially designated as National Rosie the Riveter Day.  As you may know Eldred was home to it’s share of Rosies during WWII.  Visit the Eldred World War II Museum to learn all about it!






Expressing support for the designation of March 21, 2017, as ‘‘National Rosie the Riveter Day’’.


IN THE SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES MARCH 1, 2017 the Committee on the Judiciary MARCH 15, 2017 Committee discharged; considered and agreed to


RESOLUTION Expressing support for the designation of March 21, 2017, as ‘‘National Rosie the Riveter Day’’.


Whereas National Rosie the Riveter Day is a collective national effort to raise awareness of the 16,000,000 women who worked during World War II; Whereas the people of the United States have chosen to honor women workers who contributed from the home front during World War II; Whereas those women left their homes to work or volunteer full-time in factories, farms, shipyards, airplane factories, banks, and other institutions in support of the Armed Forces overseas;


Whereas those women worked with the United Service Organizations and the American Red Cross, drove trucks, riveted airplane parts, collected critical materials, rolled bandages, and served on rationing boards; Whereas it is fitting and proper to recognize and preserve the history and legacy of working women, including volunteer women, during World War II to promote cooperation and fellowship among those women and their descendants; Whereas those women and their descendants wish to further the advancement of patriotic ideas, excellence in the workplace, and loyalty to the United States; and Whereas March 21, 2017, during Women’s History Month, is an appropriate day to designate as ‘‘National Rosie the Riveter Day’’:


Now, therefore, be it Resolved,


That the Senate— 1 (1) supports the designation of March 21, 2 2017, as ‘‘National Rosie the Riveter Day’’; and 3 (2) acknowledges the important role played by 4 women during World War II.





Eldred Borough Fire Hall will hold Bingo on March 3rd, doors open at 4:30- A Food Auction on the 10th at 1 and a Ham and Turkey Party on the 24th at 7pm.                                                                             


January 2018 newsletter



Dear Borough Community,


Happy new year, we hope that you had a fantastic holiday season.  This year we have a few changes in the Borough.  The Borough meeting this January is on the 2nd at 7pm as it is a reorganizational meeting and a date mandated by the Borough Code.  Meetings will continue on the third Tuesday of the month for February on.  We welcome Charles Lasher to the Council, we also say good bye and thank you to Billy Bair Jr. for years of dedicated service. We also welcome Shannon Brown as Tax Collector. 

There has been no raise in taxes this year, but there will be a $2.00 increase to sewer bills.  This will change the monthly charge from $37 to $39 for sewer.  Garbage will see no increase, charges will remain at $17 per month.

The Borough Office will be closed on Monday January 1st. 

Eldred Borough Fire Hall will hold Bingo on January 6th, doors open at 4:30.




December Newsletter

Dear Borough Community,


We wish you the happiest of holidays and would like to remind you this year to check out what all of our local businesses have to offer as you finish up your holiday shopping.  

We also suggest wrapping up a dog license for your pup, as it is time to renew any dog licenses in PA.

All dogs three months or older must be licensed by Jan. 1 of each year. Violators can be cited with a maximum fine of $300 per violation plus court costs.

An annual license is $8.50 and a lifetime license is $51.50. If the animal is spayed or neutered, the annual fee is $6.50 and lifetime is $31.50. Discounts are available to older adults and people with disabilities. The small license fee helps the millions of dogs in the state by funding the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement.

If your dog gets lost, a current license is the fastest way to get him back. 

Contact Ms. Mary Jo Sherwood, Treasurer, McKean County Courthouse, 500 W. Main Street, Smethport, PA 16749 Phone: (814) 887-3220, or to purchase online go to then Other Elected Officials then Dog license.  

This year’s Christmas parade will be December 14th at 6:30, there will be tractor rides with Santa and tons of lights to look at- thank you to Eldred area businesses for your participation!                                                             

Eldred Borough Fire Hall will hold Bingo on December 2nd bring a friend and get a free thank you special; Christmas hams as door prizes, doors open at 4:30 at the Borough Fire Hall. 

Borough office will be closed December 25th and 26th.                                               



Be sure to look for our newsletter on the back of your sewer and garbage bill.

Please Shovel



Help Keep the Sidewalks Safe


Eldred Borough Street Employees are always ready to tackle the snow. But making sure people can move about the borough requires more than snow plows. It takes a team effort from all of our property owners, residential and commercial, to clear the sidewalks of snow as well.


After snowstorms, clearing snow helps to ensure the safety and mobility of the community. This especially holds true for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Uncleared sidewalks pose a real danger and can be life threatening to pedestrians. When the sidewalks are not clear of snow or ice pedestrians may injure themselves on the slick sidewalk or be forced to walk in the roadway with vehicular traffic.


Please shovel your entire sidewalk and keep in mind that wheelchairs need at least 36” to pass. Also, please clear any curb ramps adjacent to your property.

Thank you for doing your part in making our sidewalks safe for all this winter season. It's the right thing to do and it's required by ordinance. Please share with your friends and help us spread the word.


Snow Tips


The Borough reminds you to:


·         Clear your sidewalks of snow and ice within 12 hours following the end of a snow/ice storm.


·         Help your elderly or disabled neighbors remove snow from steps and sidewalks.


·         Please make sure that you shovel safely. Snow is very heavy, especially when wet. Individuals with health problems should err on the side of caution and delegate the task to someone else.


·         Use caution when walking on icy or snow covered sidewalks. Avoid walking in the street.


·         Wear light-colored or reflective clothing when walking at night.


·         When you're driving during inclement weather or following a storm, watch for pedestrians walking in the roadway. Allow extra stopping distance at intersections and crosswalks.

LINK:   Sidewalk Ordinance #222

Image result for Disadvantages of Tyvek

Property Maintenance


(Insulation is not siding)


The Borough Council approved two new ordinances last year focusing on beautifying and freeing the Borough of nuisance. An Ordinance Enforcement Officer was appointed to help correct violations and enforce these ordinances.


This spring, focus will be on siding and the absence of it.  Council understands that it has been many years since having a weather proof and permanent coating on your home has been an enforced requirement in the Borough.  The Borough Council is aware that these kinds of repairs are costly and more time consuming than lawn care. This notice should enable homeowners to save, plan and prepare for any issues that may need to be addressed.


If your home or business does not have a proper weather coating, you will be receiving a violation warning in the spring.  Missing siding, heavily and widespread chipped paint, exposed insulation board or house wrap will all be cause for a warning issuance.

Please keep in mind that this will initially be a warning.  You will be given a specified length of time to make any corrections or show progress towards eliminating a violation; which will lead to an extension on your warning.  If no work is done or progress made towards correcting the problem, you will be issued a ticket.   



Please see the list of financial resources listed below to find possible funding for your necessary repairs.

KeystoneHELP- 1-888-906-1293


In partnership with the state of Pennsylvania, Renew Financial offers KeystoneHELP home energy loans to help homeowners.


HUD Property Improvement Loan-visit and search their lender list to apply.


One must apply for a Title 1 loan through a HUD approved lender.  On the HUD webpage, one can find a HUD approved lender using the search tool


Consumers can borrow up to $25,000 for improvements to a single-family home. Residents of multi-family units, such as an apartment building, may borrow up to $12,000. The loan can be used to pay for any improvement to the safety, livability, or utility of the property.


USDA-Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants in Pennsylvania


Nancy Chavka-1-570-726-3196


Also known as the Section 504 Home Repair program, this provides loans to very-low-income homeowners to repair, improve or modernize their homes or grants to elderly very-low-income homeowners to remove health and safety hazards.






House numbers are not only convenient for finding addresses but necessary for emergency responders to locate those in need. When responding to an emergency, minutes matter so be sure that fire, ambulance, and police personnel can easily and quickly find your address.

In July of 2001,  in accordance with standards required by McKean County Public Safety System 911, and in cooperation with the United States Postal Service, the Borough of Eldred passed an Ordinance requiring Borough residents to display address numbers:


Please see the Ordinance 234 link below for specifics and penalties!


It is recommended that all Borough residents take a few moments to install house numbers or examine existing house numbers. Be sure that the numbers are easily read from the street. Consider the following:

  • Numbers should be at least 4 inches high and 1 inch wide. 
  • Use numbers that contrast with the background.
  • If the house is located more than 200 feet from the street, the numbers should be displayed on a fence, mailbox, or other appropriate place that will make it visible for approaching vehicles.
  • Be sure that the view of the numbers is not obstructed by shrubs, trees, or decorations, such as flags.
  • Numbers should be clearly seen when approaching from either side of the house.

If the numbers on your house are not visible or easy to read, it will take emergency personnel longer to reach you. Those extra minutes spent trying to locate a property can mean the difference between life and death, so take the time now to be sure your house numbers are able to be seen from the street to help emergency responders find you faster.

Paperless Bills!

If you are interested in receiving your garbage and sewer bill via email we are now able to do that.  Contact the Borough office either by phone or in person with your email address.

Attention Borough Residents

Please make sure to contact the borough to present any improvements, events, or other projects that you are planning to have done on borough property.

Any construction, or use of borough property for events and so on, must be approved by Eldred Borough Council.


To file a complaint with the Borough regarding property maintenance or other ordinances, please stop at the Borough Office or call to report.